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5 Tips For More Self Discipline

Sometimes you think of ways to change your life so you set up a plan but the next day you've already forgotten about it completely and you quickly return to your old habits. Do you want to stick to your plan and create more self discipline? Here's how.

Find out what creates distraction
Struggling to find discipline? It's probably because you're dealing with too many distractions around you. Your cell phone goes off continuously while you try to make your homework, your friend visits just when you want to go for a workout and your mom bakes a cake on the day you decide to go eat healthier. All these things that can distract you. However, don't let this get you down. Remind yourself of your goals and don't let anything or anyone else stop you from achieving success.

Grow confidence 
When you are sure of yourself, it is easier to reach your goals. Improve your confidence by talking with strangers, join a sports group or go out with your friends and colleagues more often.

This may sound vague, but meditation can really help to empty your mind and focus your attention on one thing at a time. Spend ten to fifteen minutes a day to empty your head and you will see it gets more easy and comfortable to meditate every time!

Find for your passion
When you go in search of self-discipline, you have to work hard for this. Will and strength is very important. Always find something you'd do anything for and work hard for it. If you do not want to go for something it may be because it's not your goal after all. Look for things that you absolutely adore and you'll see it's a lot easier to achieve your goals.

Reward yourself
Rewards always work, of course you should not be too generous with rewarding yourself but a reward every now is alright. Earned some extra cash? Then you can reward yourself. You lost weight? Reward yourself!