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5 Health Challenges That You Should Try

Challenge yourself with a few challenges during next week and maybe it will change your whole life!

Don't wash your hair for a week 
There is a craze going on for women who do not feel like washing their hair on a daily basis. The so-called no-shampoo challenge encourages others to do the same and thus take better care of their scalp. It sounds very strange that your scalp will get healthier by just not washing your hair very often, but it is true. When you wash your hair often, it gets unhealthy up there. If you really can not last a week without washing your hair, go for a shampoo with no perfume to prevent damage.

Go vegan!
A week of going vegan is good not only for yourself but also for the poor animals that get tortured and killed just to end up on your plate. Even milk is wrong and you'll have to get it replaced by soy products. If you're not accustomed to it yet, you'll have to get used to the taste, but it'll be easy, don't worry about it. You can get protein from legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and white beans.

No sugar
Sugar is in more things than you think. It is going to leave you feeling a little confused when you figure out there are more products that contain sugar but sweets! Therefore, carefully read the labels of the products you're buying at the grocery store.

No lies
You are probably thinking this is going to be quite easy, but remember that you use a lot of innocent excuses to get out of things. So when your best friend asks you if you will go with her to exercise, simply be honest and tell her that your condition is very bad, instead of lying that you already have another appointment.

Exercise after waking up
It's hard for anyone to find the energy and will
to work out right after you wake up. If you're not a morning person it's certainly going to be hell, but it's super good for your blood pressure to go exercise anyway.