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4 Reasons Why Jealousy Is A Bad When You're In A Relationship

You've seen your boyfriend talking friend with a gorgeous girl and do not know what to think about it. When you find her number in his phone, you go crazy. Watch out because there are plenty of reasons why jealousy is not good for you!

It is not charming
If you're jealous, it doesn't make you more attractive. You become mean and unreasonable. If your partner wants to give you an explanation, you start screaming hysterically, which makes it tough for the both of you to work through it.

You hurt your partner
Because they have done nothing wrong and you're so angry without any reason, your partner does not know how to handle the situation. It'll hurt them as much as it hurts you to be jealous.

It can ruin your relationship
If you ask your partner a million questions after they have spoken to someone, it makes it seem like you don't trust them very much. Your partner is only human, and at some point, they'll get tired of your behavior as well, which might end your relationship!

It is a waste of time because it doesn't change the situation
Overall, it therefore has absolutely nothing good to say about jealousy. Y
ou only hurt yourself with it. It won't make you feel better, in fact it has a snowball effect. Sometimes, things are easily solved by talking to your partner about it. So stop wasting time by worrying about the people around your love and instead be honest and open about how you feel!

What do you do when you're jealous?