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20 Recognizable Everyday Irritations

1. If someone blocks the staircase so you can't pass. 
2. Someone yells at their phone during a conversation. 
3. People who comment on what you're eating.
4. You have to repeat yourself three times because someone is not listening to you.
5. A car that takes up two parking spaces. 
6. When you are very excited to tell something new to someone, but they already know.
7. Running into people walking the opposite direction when in a busy street. 
8. When someone doesn't use their turning signal. 
9. Finding out that your phone isn't charged. 
10. Going to the store for a particular product to find it's sold out. 
11. Opening the curtains in the morning to see it's raining out there. 
12. Public transport not running on time.
13. People who do not give up their seats to the elderly.
14. A computer freezes.
15. Not remembering where you've left something. 
16. Standing in something wet while wearing socks. 
17. Feeling like it's Friday on Wednesday 
18. Unnecessary small talk. 
19. Umbrellas that break. 
20. Expenses that keep coming back. 
What is your ultimate irritation?