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17 Habits of Self-Confident People

These 17 habits to turn you into the confident person you were supposed to be!

They go for what they want and will not accept anything less
People who are confident know exactly what they want and set goals for themselves.They do not choose the easy way out by agreeing to something they do not want. They have patience and do their best as until they have reached their goals, despite the effort required. Do not be afraid to choose the difficult path, seek the goals you have set for yourself!

They are focused on the positive, not the negative
Confident people do not complain often. These people see the glass half full rather than half empty and can see the best in unpleasant situations.

They speak confidently
Confident people will let you know how they feel about something no matter what. They won't refuse to speak their mind even when their opinion doesn't go with everyone else's.

They don't see being single as the end of the world
You do not need a partner to be happy. Confident people realize that it's possible to be very happy on your own. Of course, everyone gets their heart broken every once in a while but a confident person knows how to get through it and over it.

They are modest rather than cocky
There is a big difference between being cocky and confident. Someone who is conceited, will always boast about her achievements and think they are better than others. Someone who is confident does not think they stand above others. They are proud of what they have achieved, but will not rub it in all the time.

They look people in they eyes when they talk
The way you speak to someone says a lot about how confident you are about yourself. If someone does not dares to look you straight in the eyes, it indicates that they feel rather uncomfortable. People who are confident, will someone in the eyes, no matter what.

They know how important body language is
People who are confident know what good body language is and they sure know how to patiently listen to someone. They will always smile their way through small talk and make you feel comfortable when you talk with them.

They are not afraid to make mistakes
Making mistakes is human and it's certainly not the worst thing that can happen. Confident people realize that it is no problem to make mistakes. If they go wrong, they are not going to feel bad about it, they'll think of it as a lesson.

They know how to take a compliment
People with low self-esteem will sometimes not be able to take a compliment the right way because they simply don't believe it themselves. If self-confident people get a compliment, they thank the person who gave the compliment and realize that it's genuine.

They do not think of anyone as competition 
If you're insecure, you often think others are better than you. This can cause jealousy. A person believes's confident in himself and Therefore does not see anyone as an enemy. As a result, someone who is confident is less rapidly jealous, she is pleased with himself.

They aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone
An insecure person is afraid to try new things, while someone who is sure of themselves sees this as a challenge! Getting out of your comfort zone can give your confidence a huge boost, because you experience and learn new things in the process.

They demand respect and treat others with respect
A confident person does let anyone get them down. When someone does not treat them with respect, they will surely find a way to get this person out of their life.

They are happy for others
Insecure people are jealous and therefore allow others to ruin their lives. People with self-confidence will be happy for others, even when the other person has something they have been longing for for the longest time.

They do not care about what others think
People with self-confidence are not afraid to act silly. They don't worry about what others think of them. This is a very important part of self-confidence!

They have confidence in themselves
Doubt is a sign of insecurity. Be sure of yourself! Trust your intuition and stand behind your own opinion.

They believe in themselves
Self-confident people never think that they can not achieve something. They make a plan and get started. It can sometimes be tough for them to get there, but their faith in themselves certainly never fades.

They know what makes them happy
Self-confident people know what makes them happy and aren't afraid to flaunt it. If they like to wear a certain piece of clothing, they will, no matter what others think of them!

How will you boost your confidence?