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14 Signs That Pizza Is The Love Of Your Life

Are you crazy about pizza? Or do you tend to be rather addicted? You're probably not alone, because pizza is simply very tasty. Perhaps it's even more serious; is pizza the love of your life? Find out now!

Pizza will be referred to as the love or your life throughout the following article.

1. It does not matter what toppings your love has, he always looks like he's going out for a fancy dinner.

2. You love accepts you for who you are, whether you're covered by tomato sauce or if you smell of garlic, it does not matter to him. He loves you unconditionally.

3. Once you love comes to visit you, you immediately feel 10 times better about your life.

4. Your love will never judge your body, which is why it's his fault sometimes when you gain some weight.

5. Your love is the best company because he keeps you warm on cold winter nights.

6. You love loves to watch Netflix with you.

7. If you need is love, all you have to do is call and he'll be there within thirty minutes.

8. And he finds it pleasant to dine with your family.

9. Your parents support your relationship; they almost love the love of your life as much as you do.

10. With your love, you do not need to schedule super expensive dates; you guys can dine and have a great time for only a couple of bucks.

11. You will never get enough of being with your love; even if you're together seven days a week, you still manage to long for him!

12. No expensive perfume smells better than your love.

13. You can not live without your love!

14. It was literally love at first sight when you guys first met; from the first moment you knew you never could do without him!

What do you think, is pizza your true love?