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13 Features That Make Guys Attractive

He is an adventurer 
Nothing is as attractive as a person who dares to step out of his comfort zone every once in a while and likes to see more of the world. When you are with this person, you make it the craziest and greatest memories. He encourages you to do things you never expected you could do!

He has a good sense of humour 
A boy with a sense of humor is considered attractive by many girls. Obviously, Because what's better than someone who knows how to put a smile on your face every day? Someone with a good sense of humor always knows how to cheer you up when you feel bad.

He has a passion
When someone has a passion, he's all for it. Motivation is a very attractive feature, Because who does not want someone who goes for what he loves, no matter what?

He has a love for animals and children
If he loves animals and children, this is an indication that he's a loving and caring person! Do you have a relationship with someone who loves children and animals? Then you are already certain that he'll be a great dad.

He's not addicted to his phone
Nothing is more annoying than when you're on a date with someone and they can't keep their hands off their phone! For a guy who has no phone addiction, you do not have to worry about this happening ever again. He will pay attention to you instead of social media or WhatsApp.

He's friendly to everyone
This boy will always treat you with respect, but it's also a good to know that he won't make you guys look bad by being unfriendly to others. Someone who's always friendly to everyone is usually rather attractive to girls, simply because he treats you the way you want to be treated!

He's a good cook
What could be more romantic than a boy who will prepare a romantic dinner for the both of you? You do not have to go to a restaurant because he's a good cook himself!

He's optimistic and likes to laugh  
We all know it; laughter is healthy! Nothing is as attractive as a person who sees the glass as half full rather than half empty. When you're around him, you'll become cheerful instantly. His smile is contagious!

He's spontaneous and flirtatious 
He knows what flirting is and will easily start a flirty conversation. Spontaneity is never a bad thing!

He's happy with himself
If someone is happy with themselves, it's easy to see. It's attractive when he's comfortable about himself. Confidence is often key.

He's able to laugh at his own mistakes
Accepting your own mistakes is very important. A boy who knows this will laugh at and learn from his mistakes. He is not afraid to make mistakes and not therefore won't dwell on it but rather see it as a lesson.

He's intelligent and responsible
If someone has these characteristics, you know you can always count on this person. This guy is reliable. He also has knowledge of many different things. Therefore, you can always count on him when you need him and learn from him!

He always looks nice
Of course, it's his personality that counts most, but looking good is always a plus. If a guy smells nice and looks groomed, it makes him more attractive. However, he should not be too vain and spend more time on his appearance than you!