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10 Signs That You're Going To Marry The Guy You're Currently Dating

Finding your soul mate will give you the best feeling ever. This is the person you want to share the rest of your life with, all the good and bad times. How do you know for sure that you have found your prince charming?

He has seen you naked and he thinks you're beautiful just the way you are
Stretch marks or scars, nothing scares him off. He accepts you as you are and thinks of your body as beautiful, no matter what.

He has his finances in order
Of course you should not fully rely on him financially, but it's always nice when he has his finances in order. He is willing to build a future together and willing to put money into it.

He is not afraid to talk about the future
He doesn't think it's problematic to talk about the future you're going to have together, like having children, getting a new home and marrying. He wants nothing more but to have a future with you.

He takes care of you when you are sick
When you've got the flu and you're lying on your bed feeling awful, he is there to take care of you. He finds it no problem to make soup for you or go to the pharmacy to get medicine. He wants nothing but the best for you!

He's your best friend
You can tell him everything. You'll tell him about the drama that was going at work with the girl that annoys you so much. He will always listen to you and stand
behind you, no matter what!

You laugh together
(Almost) every moment you spend with your love is filled with laughter. He knows how to make you laugh and you know he'll always cheer up when you have a bad day.

He does not judge you
If you're having a bad day and you're feeling a little grumpy, he will not judge you. If you're stuffing yourself with chicken nuggets while wearing an unflattering onesie, he still loves you as much as before!

You can not live without him
The mere thought that you will not see him for a while hurts you deeply. You want him in your life forever, and you'll happily take all his crazy and sometimes annoying habits for granted!

You know when to give each other space
You have no problem at all to have a separate hobby and give each other the space that you need. He encourages you to meet up with your friends and you do not mind if he wants to spend some time on his own. You trust each other!

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He is the only one with whom you want to share your life. During all the ups, but also during the downs, you want to be with him. You realize that no one understands you like he does, therefore, he's your soulmate!

Do you have a boyfriend, and if so, do you recognize any of these signs?