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10 Hacks To Become A Morning Person

Is it your ambition to get up earlier in the morning? Here's how you can start doing that!

Are your mornings devoted to snoozing too long and rushing out of the house while still having breakfast? After this article you will start the morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a brand new day.

Make sure your alarm will make you get out of bed

Buy an alarm clock with two wheels that will drive away from you, so you have to chase it in the morning. Or put your alarm on the other side of the room.

Say ''no'' to snoozing! 

Easier said than done, but teach yourself not to press snooze button. We all know that once you start snoozing, it'll never end!

Set your alarm an hour earlier

If you still fail to get out of bed on time, set your alarm an hour earlier and then try again.

Use your coffee machine

When you smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, it's a lot more easy to get out of bed. Make sure to get some coffee the minute you wake up so you have something to look forward to in the morning.

Choose your outfit the night before

One advantage is that you'll get dressed a lot faster and benefit number two is that you will always look nice because you really have put some thought in your outfit.

Treat yourself with a nice breakfast

Banana pancakes or a nice little sandwich with Nutella? There are plenty of original and delicious recipes to start your day. Pick the most mouthwatering dish and chances are that you leave the bed more quickly tomorrow morning.

Do not put your phone next to your bed

How often do we check our Facebook newsfeed, new Instagram photos or respond to messages from the night before on WhatsApp? Before you know it, you've wasted half an hour! Therefore, put your phone down before heading to bed.

Sleep with the curtains open 

Natural light will wake you up in the morning if you leave your curtains open, it'll make you feel a lot more awake. Plus, just try not to get out of bed when you see the sun!

Showering in the morning

A refreshing shower you will immediately feel more awake.

Practice makes perfect

Remember, waking up early and being a morning person does not come naturally to all. Don't give up when at first you don't succeed. Before you know it has become a habit and being an morning person will be normal for you.

You can do it!
What's your ideal morning routine?