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Snickers Made A Phenomenal Photoshop Fail!

Oops... this must not quite have been the intention of Snickers. Or was it?

For the back of the famous "swimsuit issue" of the Sports Illustrated magazine, Snickers has created a new ad. It was quite a big deal because the ad takes up the entire back of the magazine and will be seen by many people.

However, they should have checked their ad again before it went to the printers, because, as you see, there are quite a few Photoshop fails going on in the ad.

The model in the picture seems to look fabulous at first glance, but soon you notice that something is not quite right. Just look at her shoulder. Where did that scary hand from?

If you study the picture a little longer, you will see that the model must be an alien! Just look at her belly button.

Yet this is exactly the intention of Snickers.

According to the the text in the picture, ''photo retouchers get confused when they're hungry''
Good one, Snickers!

What do you think of the new ad for Snickers?