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Review: Lonka Sinas Snippers (Dutch Candy)

These chocolate candies with orange stuffing are great fun and have a very rich taste. The filling consists of pectin jelly and it is coated with dark chocolate, which is nothing but awesome! The chocolate bananas and berries pretzels from Lonka are, as well as these Lonka Sinas Snippers, vegan.

They are very sweet but the combination of the chocolate with the orange stuffing works very well and won't let you down. The chocolate adds a little crunchiness to the jelly inside these lovely sweets!


• sugar
• glucose syrup
• chocolate (16%, consisting of: sugar, cocoa mass (38%), cocoa butter (13%), emulsifier (soy lecithin))
• water
• fruit juice concentrates (1.8%: apple, orange)
• gelling agent (pectin)
• acid (citric acid)
• oranges natural flavor
• dextrose

Calories per 100g: 335kcal