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Diet 101 ☆ 10 Ways To Eat Less

Sometimes, you just can't stop yourself from indulging on that pack of crisps or sometimes you just have to get one extra scoop of ice cream or maybe you find yourself putting your hand in a pack of M&M's. How do you stop yourself from overeating, especially when you are the proud owner of a sweet tooth?

Eat chocolate for breakfast
This is ideal for you if you have a serious sweet tooth. If you crave chocolate during the day, you will find that by adding some chocolate chips to your cornflakes you will easily dodge the cravings later, which will lessen the tendency to snack.

Have large pieces of vegetables
It doesn't only takes less time to prepare a meal, but large pieces of vegetables make you get full faster which will make you eat less in general. Or, you can do just the opposite: cut your vegetables into very small pieces, making it seem like you had more than you actually did.

Eat in front of a man
It does not matter whether you're male or female. Research has shown that people in the company of a man generally eat less!

Drink a glass of warm water
Take a glass of warm water before you have a meal. This will ensure that you will feel full faster, which means you will eat less!

Do not eat alone
They say that if you eat alone, you can easily eat three times as much than if you're in company of someone else. Everyone knows how hard it can be to stop yourself from overeating when you're alone.

Take pictures of your food
It's like a food diary, but with photos (and you could share this on social media in the meantime). This is a good way for you to be 'confronted' with all things you eat in a day.

Eat in front of a mirror
It has been proven that if you see yourself while you eat, it prevents you from having too much.

Light a vanilla candle
The scent of vanilla will calm you down. This in turn should help to kill your cravings.

Unappetizing blue
Blue seems to be a very unappetizing color. Foods that are blue just doesn't look very appetizing. Serve your food on a blue plate and reduce your appetite!

Restaurant Setting
Relaxing music, dimmed lighting and a beautifully laid table will make you more enjoy your food more, which will make you feel fuller.

Which tip are you planning to try out?