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9 Reasons Why Disney Princesses Are Our Feminine Beauty Ideals

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A princess!"

Their makeup is on point

No matter what they do, they always look flawless. Even after a night of sleeping with their make up on, it's still still perfect.

Bad hair days does not seem to exist in their world

Princesses often have beautiful (and long) shiny hair. It's certainly never fluffy. Even after brushing it thousand times, it's still in perfect condition.

They show the importance of beauty sleep

Enough sleep is necessary in order to look good. Princesses are certainly not night owls.

Their lipstick stays where it belongs

After a long day, their lips are still flawless. We want that lipstick too! #lifegoals

Beautiful and intricate hairstyles

Disney Princesses wear the most complex, braided hairstyles. They also make it look as if it's a piece of cake to recreate these looks. Well, we still have to practice it a few times.

Super long eyelashes

So full and so long! Their eyelashes always look perfect!

Those brows!

Eyebrows to be jealous! And have you ever seen a princess plucking her eyebrows?

The weather doesn't stop them from looking fancy

Nothing seems to stop them from looking absolutely beautiful. When the wind blows, we rock a crazy haircut or there's hair sticking to our lip gloss. Princesses do not seem to know those pains.

Crazy, but smart beauty hacks

It's a little crazy, but the way Ariel combs her hair (with a fork!) seems to work
well. You look stunning, Ariel!

Which Disney princess is your favorite?