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7 Things That Make Family Holidays Awesome

Sometimes it seems only crazy and hectic but once you're on your way, family holidays turn out to be a lot of fun.

Catching up on things  
With school, work, friends, parties, shopping and your hundred and one other activities, it is sometimes difficult to make time for your family. Your mother asks you what you've been up to but you're too busy to answer, which is now starting to make you feel guilty. The Christmas holidays have begun and therefore this is the ideal opportunity to spend quality time with your family and to lavish them with love.

All-inclusive luxury 
In the morning at nine o'clock, you wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread, around eleven o'clock a mug of steaming tea is already waiting for you and the sandwiches are prepared around midday for you. At six o'clock you sit down to enjoy your mother's cooking. Isn't this much more awesome then having yet another frozen pizza? All you need to do at home is to sit down.

All activities are fun 
Whether you're inside a boring museum, at the zoo or going to a restaurant, when you're out with the whole family there is always enough to talk about. Even a boring place will seem less dull because of the presence of your crazy relatives.

Most of it is paid for you 
Usually, if you're lucky, it's your father who pays for you when the time comes to pay. Whenever you spend time with your family you'll be well fed and as rich (er, poor) as you were back at home. So nice!

Prepackaged sandwiches 
"Do you want a sandwich with cheese, ham or jam?" Asks your mother from the passenger side during a car ride. Then she hands you a sandwich with a slice of cheese. That sandwich that has been lovingly and carefully prepared in a plastic bag has something nostalgic about it and it makes your trip more enjoyable.

Big plans are unnecessary 
For your boyfriend or date, you always have to come up with something extremely creative, but with your family every plan is going to be appreciated by them. A long walk, having a coffee or staying at home on the couch watching movies, it's always cozy and comfortable.

Family snaps! 
It's a family tradition that whenever you are together again, there'll be a small photoshoot. It will give you something to look back to, including the terrible Christmas outfits. The good old days!