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7 Cheaps To Reduce Stress

Go for a walk

It is a very easy way to reduce stress: going for a walk. Just enjoy nature, or go explore an urban area. It'll empty your head for a moment.


Meditating makes you feel calm and at peace. You don't really have to be a meditation guru, but do meditate every day, for five or ten minutes.

A spring cleaning

Junk in your home also ensures mess in your head. Take it a major cleaning and throw unimportant things away. So you're on your mind wander and also the environment is clean and quiet.

Listen to music

Listening to music is good for your soul! It has a calming effect. This way you can momentarily forget your problems.

Write a journal

Another effective way to relieve stress is by putting your thoughts on paper. Write down what bothers you. Write it off. By using this method you'll quickly see the situation differently. Chances are that you think of an solution easily!

Go outside

Twenty minutes of sunlight a day have a positive effect on your mood. A soothing environment has a positive effect on how you feel.

Discover the artist in you

It is not only fun, but it also makes you feel relaxed. Grab a drawing pad and pencils and have some fun! This way you can clear your head in a fun way. Maybe you'll even find a new hobby!

What do you prefer to do when you are very stressed out?