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7 'Bad Girl' Characteristics Every Man Looks For In A Woman


Many men are afraid to get in a serious relationship because they think it's frightening to spend the rest of their lives with the same partner going through the same dull situations every day. They can already imagine themselves cooking and eating together when the family visits and cleaning the house afterwards. Therefore, an adventurous woman who breaks the daily routines is very attractive to men. Plan an occasional spontaneous date or take him on a road trip.


Men find nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident about herself, knows what she wants and knows that she deserves nothing but the best. And no, before you panic, it's okay to doubt what you really want every once in a while. Until you have it figured out, you'll do just fine. Fake it 'till you make it.


Personality and good chemistry are important in a relationship, but passionate sex counts too. Men love a woman who likes trying out new things, so keep it exciting for the both of you.


Men prefer women who stand up for themselves and make it on their own too. It's fine if she still likes him to open doors for her and show the ''gentleman'' inside of him, however.


Men do not like games, at least, not the one where he has to guess what you're thinking. Is something bothering you? Tell him. Men prefer to face problems or irritations directly, than to guess why you ignore him for days.


Although men are often seen as the ones that should take the first initiative, you should also feel free to take the first step yourself. Therefore, be courageous and ask him out. Your dominant behavior will surely be appreciated.


Ultimately, it's a known fact that a good portion of passion will do nothing but good to your relationship.
Take your time to kiss him, feel his body and take a look deep into his eyes.

What are you looking for in a man?