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6 Feelings You Have When You've Found The Perfect Job

"The right job can make your life amazing. On the other hand, the wrong job can make you regret being alive. "

For a large part of our lives we have to work, so it is important to surround ourselves with things that we are passionate about. The right job can make your life wonderful while a job that isn't so awesome can influence your life negatively. Do you have the following feelings about your job? Then you're sure you've found the right job!

Working give you a satisfied feeling
You go to work with a smile on your face and you feel like you're actually going to do something useful by showing up there, chances are you have found the perfect job. However, nobody always is happy to go to work simply because; if you could choose between going to work and stay at home to watch Netflix, what would you choose? For me, the choice is easy. Still, you have to be satisfied with the job you have and you're supposed to go to work with a good feeling.  

The projects make you curious
If you are curious about what's going on, it means that you are interested in what you are doing. When you find that what you do doesn't seem interesting, you become bored. Feeling bored at work is a sign that you need to look for a new job. Find a job where you can learn a lot and sparks your interest, this way you never get bored!

Work should be challenging
Having an easy job can be fun if you have a hangover and have only slept a few hours, but at some point it stops being fun. There comes a time when you are looking for a little more challenge in life. Find this challenge! It makes you feel more excited and motivated. In addition, it will also give a boost to your confidence. You learn things you'd never expect you would

The work must be rewarding
Of course you should be able to live your job. Therefore, a reward in the form of money certainly fine! A rewarding feeling, however, is not just about getting money. It is also about how your work contributes to society and the rating given by others for your hard work.

Working should motivate you
Motivation is key. Motivation gives us a reason to move, and makes us complete tasks. Therefore it is important that your job makes you feel motivated. If you have to drag yourself to work every day, it's not the right job for you!

The work you doesn't makes you feel optimistic 
This sign is an indication that you should immediately stop working there. If you are very down when at work and you feel like giving up, it's sure that it is a bad influence! A job should make you feel optimistic about your life. If this is not the case, look for a job that will make you feel good!

Do you have any of these feelings when you think about your job?