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50 Messages You Send To Your Roommate

1. I was drunk last night, and I ate all your leftovers. Sorry!
2. Did you eat my food?
3. Are you on your period? Me too!
4. Will you have lunch with me? I do not want to sit alone.
5. Is our WiFi also acting up over there?
6. I feel terrible, we must go to the gym together.
7. Is it okay to ask a girlfriend over next weekend? We'll sleep together in my room.
8. OMG, delete that picture!
9. If this photo ends up in your Snapchat story, I will kill you in your sleep tonight.
10. Let's order Chinese this evening.
11. I have no desire to take a shower today, so it's all yours.
12. I have nothing to wear, may I take look in your wardrobe?
13. Have you worn my shirt last weekend?
14. Will you help me wake up tomorrow? You can push me, shake me and even scream in my ear. I must arrive on time!
15. My ass looks good in those shorts, don't you think?
16. Would you still want to be my friend if I looked like that? (Sends a ridiculous selfie).
17. Who was that girl who talks to your ex? I must stalk her on Facebook.
18. I locked myself out. Again.
19. Shall we watch a movie tonight and finish all open bags of crisps?
20. Skip your final class too so we can watch the latest episode of Orange Is the New Black!
21. Make sure I'm not going home with anyone tonight, okay?
22. Is it OK if I bring Aaron home tonight?
23. And can you can give us a ride?
24. I will buy a chocolate bar for you if you do give us a ride tonight.
25. Is it possible to die from a hangover?
26. Please send me the photos you took last night.
27. Did we last tidy this place?
28. Our neighbors have that terrible opera music on.
29. Can I borrow your headphones?
30. Please tell me you still have dry shampoo.
31. We need to vacuum.
32. Are you done in the shower yet? I want to brush my teeth.
33. My parents are coming over this weekend, is there something they should bring us?
34. You must do my makeup tonight.
35. I'll stay in bed all day, where are you at?
36. Are you coming with me tonight?
37. OMG, that hottie is playing football and he's forgotten to put a shirt on!
38. Which filter will I use on Instagram for that picture of us?
39. Wine night?
40. Never mind, just heard that there's a party tonight. Let's go!
41. Did you see the video that I have sent to you?
42. Are you still alive?
43. Oops, your underwear ended up in the neighbour's yard. Now you need to pay the creepy neighbor downstairs a visit to reclaim your bra.
44. Have you seen the new profile photo of that silly person?
45. Put a bra on, there are people at our door.
46. ​​I'm going crazy, Mike has liked some girl's photo on instagram! Do you think he likes her?
47. I have an important exam, and I have not even studied yet!
48. I do not know what to do with my life.
49. How will I survive the holidays without you?
50. Where are you? I miss you!

Are you and your roommate also close?