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5 Ways To Stay Mysterious While Dating

Do you ever wonder how you can keep his attention while you guys are dating? One of the easiest ways to keep him interested is by being a little mysterious. Here's how you can do that.

Show him that you can live without him

When you are dating someone, it is of course very nice to spend a lot of time together. However, it is important that you keep a certain distance. Let him know that your world does not revolve around him and you have your own life and interests. When he asks you out, kindly reject. It makes the times that you guys spend together more fun too!

Have confidence

Many girls are insecure about themselves, but confidence is very attractive. Whether you are fat, thin, short or long, it doesn't matter as long as you feel insecure about yourself.

Do not tell your whole life story

It's not smart to tell him everything about your life when you guys first start dating. If you do, you might scare him off by making him feel like you are going too fast. Think twice before telling him everything.

Be unique

One of the biggest mistakes that girls make in the early stages of their relationships is that they (unconsciously) will like anything their new boyfriend likes too. When you do this, your new guy might think of you as a yes-man, so the best thing you can do is to be yourself. Do you have a different opinion on a particular subject? Tell him about it!

Let him wait

When a boy does not respond to your messages, ask yourself what's going on. Let him wait for your response every once in a while, too. Let him wonder what you're doing (and with whom), so he's going to miss you. It can be quite a task for you, because you prefer to spend the whole day talking to him, but hold on!