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5 Signs That Will Tell You Your Boyfriend Is A Loser

Not all men with whom you date are quite that fun. To recognize losers faster, there are some red flags that you should watch out for.

He seems very nice at first

In the beginning, he will go out of his way to win you over. This is probably because he knows that he actually is a loser and he believes you will be blind for it once you've fallen for him. Think again, pal!

He does not want to be with you 

He is a true egoist. He can not give you what you want and what you need, but he gets angry when you indicate that it might be wise for you guys to go separate ways.

He makes you believe you're the only woman for him

He thinks you want to hear that you're the only one for him when you know better. On his Facebook he befriended just about 2000 other girls who you do not know. The only men with he befriended are his family members and his best friend. Very suspicious, right?

He never has money

Because he is always broke, you are always obliged to pay. What kind of man asks a woman out on a date if he has no money?

He lets you choose between him and your friends

He's a real drama queen and does not like it when he wants to watch a movie with you but you have already made plans with your friends. He's trying to manipulate you by saying that next week he can not come to your birthday. It's a little childish.

What have you learned from dating a loser?