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5 Emotions You Have While Running

Not looking forward to it

When you first start running, the threshold to do so seems gigantic. Sometimes you feel like you could cry, and even when you've already started running, you still think "I do not want to run". Turn those negative thoughts into positive ones by realizing that running is good for you!

You're angry

When you are feeling frustrated and angry, running is a perfect outlet. Exercise releases endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness and well-being. So, say goodbye to tantrums and your bad mood!

You feel even more fat

Because you feel your body moving, you feel even fatter than you really are. But do not be fooled, don't feel discouraged. Isn't that the very reason that you decided to go running? Hold on because you'll quickly notice improvements. Not only will you lose a dress size, but you'll also feel better.

You wonder why you're doing it 

Whether it's to lose weight, to "clear" your head or to train for a marathon, everyone has their reasons to run. Remember that and remind yourself why when you're halfway and you feel like it's time to go home before you're even at your goal.

You done with the rain

It is always advisable to check the weather reports before you go for a run. It's great to feel rain come down on you when you're all hot and sweaty, but it could also be dangerous because getting wet to the skin will make you cool down very quickly which may lead to hypothermia.

What emotions do you face while running?