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24 Thoughts You Have While Stalking Someone On Social Media

Everyone has participated in a social media stalking session. Stalking on social media is more common than you think, and these are some typical thoughts that you have while you're stalking someone.

1. Why is he ignoring me?

2. Let me just quickly check his Facebook..

3. Ohhh, so you can update your status, but you won't respond to my messages?

4. This guy is a dick..

5. Why he has not yet accepted my invitation to tag him in a photo?

6. Is he ashamed of me - or is there another girl involved in all this?

7. Who is the one girl who sends him a wink emoticon ?! - She'd better take a hike soon!

8. Maybe they are just friends - but why is there a picture of them together, cuddling, taken during the summer of 2008?

9. Sh * t, why did I click "like"?

10. Will I unlike it or does that make it even worse?

11. Hopefully he only thinks that I'm interested - or obsessed, which is more likely the case..

12. I wonder if I have mutual friends with that girl of his.

13. Can this girl might be even more intimidating?

14. #NoFilter, yeah sure girl. Nobody looks that beautiful after a night out.

15. These hair extensions are so fake! - Or are they really? Oh god, yes they are real.

16. Why did she put such profound quotes with each picture? - Calm down, girl. It's just a picture, you're not John Lennon?!

17. Wow, look at that shirt with those busy print ... - Why are you so tense, girl? Take it easy, life is beautiful.

18. Sigh, yet another inspirational post about her gym session and vegetarian diet. - Why don't you keep your mouth shut and take a slice of pizza?

19. She has gone through that ugly phase in high school. - That makes everything all a lot less bad!

20. How did I end up with the photos of her graduation from high school?

21. Well, I know enough now!

22. My spying skills are really good.

23. Wait a minute? Why does it say "sent friend request" .......?

24. Oh my god, and that is the most terrible message ever: ''Do I know you?'' - Wow, I'm going to hide!

Do you recognize these thoughts about stalking on social media?