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18 Anti-Stress Tips!

Read a book

Put your smartphone, tablet and laptop away and focus on the book only to empty your mind and get rid of all other thoughts. You don't need them right now.

Listen to some music

Music is often linked to memories. Pick a song, album or artist that makes you happy, and relax while listening to your favorite tunes!

Work out

Exercise is good for your body and ensures that all your energy is used in a positive way. Also you are physically busy and there is no room for an internal debate.

Write it off

Write your thoughts off. Buy a notebook and write about your frustrations, emotions and so on, on a daily basis. If you do so, you'll get rid of all negative feelings and you'll feel better afterwards.

Don't bottle it up 

Do you feel that it is all too much? Talk! Talk with your supervisor to get rid of stress, and talk to your colleagues to share the pressure at work. At home, it's time for a talk with your partner or your friends so you can let off some steam.

Go for a walk

It's time to get out of the house and adore and absorb the beauty that nature can add to your life. Walking will get your mind off of things and being outside is good for you in general!

Don't take life too seriously

Sometimes we take everything too seriously, so we put ourselves too much pressure on the shoulders. We set the bar higher, so we ended up the trees to see the forest. Take it all with a grain of salt and look at it from the other side.

Don't check your phone so often!

Turn off your phone more often, check your email less frequently and stay away from social media! The internet may end up irritating you even more while the truth is that you already have enough on your mind.

Don't pressure yourself

Don't push yourself to the limit constantly, but be content with the effort you've made. Bring balance between work and leisure and make sure you're not working too hard.

Drink in moderation

Do not drink too much. Many people resort to alcohol because they think it'll make them feel more relaxed. It might be true for a moment but the next day your body has to work twice as hard to recover. This will only make you feel worse.

Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet that suits you. You will find that a dog or cat adapts to the behavior of his / her owner. Because of this you will naturally become more calm, as nobody wants to upset their furry friend.

Find a hobby

Look for something that interests you and think of nothing else when you're doing it. That way you also will manage to have some fun and focusing on your interest only, will make you forget about your troubles.

Create a task list

Create list of your tasks and check your tasks off as soon as they are done. It keeps your mind organized and it'll quickly show you what you have already done.

Don't multitask

It has been proven that multitasking does not really solve anything. However, we often tend to jump from one task to another, sometimes at the same time. This makes you think that you have completed several things at once, but it also provides extra pressure. Concentrate on one task at a time.

Organize everything

Make sure everything in your home or office has its own place. This immediately ensures peace. If you have to look for everything every time you need to have it at hand, pressure increases even more.

Get enough sleep

Your body needs adequate sleep to unwind. Your body will always tell you when it's time to get some sleep. Do not ignore the signs and go to sleep when you have to.

Say no

Another meet-up? An additional assignment? If you know it isn't going to go well with your plan, say no! You don't have to say yes to everything.

Change of course

Do you feel stressed out all week because of work? Then you should think about whether your current job fits you or not. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the perfect job for the rest of his / her life right away.

What is your ultimate anti-stress tip?