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16 Signs That He's Really Into You

He suggests to give you a massage.

Breakfast in bed!

He does not need words to understand how you feel.

After a long day of work, he has already prepared dinner for you.

He likes to go shopping with you.

You are allowed to kiss him while you're wearing lipstick.

He sends you a message every morning to ask if you have slept well.

He goes to parties with you, even though he knows no one there.

He will tell you if there is something on your teeth.

He says you look beautiful, even if you just got
out of bed.

You always get the last piece of pizza.

He carries your bags while shopping.

He travels an hour back and forth to see you even if only for ten minutes.

He takes your fashion advice seriously.

He holds your hand in public.

Your photo is the wallpaper on his cellphone.