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15 Things Women Shouldn't Apologize For

Sometimes, women say sorry for no good reason, for example, when they are eating an extra slice of pizza while they are lying on bed. For the next 15 things you should NOT say sorry!

1. Being successful and having a career.
2. Show your emotions and wanting to talk about it.
3. Banishing people that influence our lives in a bad way.
4. Looking too sexy or not sexy enough. What does society really want from us?
5. Our commitment to what we think is right and what we believe in.
6. How our body looks. Everybody is different!
7. Staying in to watch TV instead of going out and having a drink, or vice versa.
8. Buying something expensive for yourself just to pamper yourself.
9. Going on a holiday with family or with friends while you'd rather go on your own.
10. Wearing make-up; is it too much or too little?
11. Your past. What happened is in the past now, where it belongs. There's nothing you can do about it.
12. Stuffing themselves with food while they are menstruating.
13. Putting yourself first.
14. Earning more money than their boyfriends.
15. Being yourself! Uniqueness is allowed at all times, otherwise, life would
be so boring!

Remember: Sorry, not sorry!