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13 Things You Recognize If You Have A Lot Of Male Friends

It is quite
normal to burp and fart in each other's company.

If you have an opinion about something, they assume that all women feel the same way.

Nobody believes you guys are just friends.

You know all the weird, gory stories they are only too happy to tell each other.

When you get invited to parties and once you're there you find out that you're the only girl there.

They will always fight for you when you're in trouble.

They always ask you for dating advice.

Occasionally they'll forget that you're a girl.

They make obscene jokes that you (secretly) think are super amusing.

They are always honest with you.

You always hear how they talk about girls who they think are pretty.

What would you like to have? You can choose: beer, ale or beer.

Your friends should be first approved by your friends

Do you have many male friends? What do you think about the friendships between men and women?