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12 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day This Year

Not everyone joins the traditions surrounding Valentine's Day, but why would you not? Yes, it is a holiday. In order to convince you to celebrate this special day, I have put together a list of reasons why you should enjoy it!

Love is beautiful

Even if you are single, love does not just define the relationship between husband and his wife. Your love for your family and friends also counts! And why not give these people a little extra attention on Valentine's Day? They deserve it!

Life is a party

And therefore life should be celebrated every day, especially on Valentine's Day! You never know what tomorrow brings, therefore you should just celebrate making it through today!

There is enough misery in the world

Let's take a moment to cherish the love between people, instead of focusing on all the hatred and misery in the world.

Valentine's Day is a day of pampering

This means that you deserve to feel a little more special during Valentine's Day even if you're single! Especially if you don't have anyone to share this holiday with, you should spend some money on yourself! Buy yourself a big, traditional box of chocolates and some red roses!

Red is a good color

Whether you wear it on your lips or wear a red shirt, red is beautiful. If it is your favorite color, you're even more lucky, as Valentine's Day is the ideal day to wear red.

Oh, it's the weekend!

Want to celebrate today not solely because of the simple fact that it's Valentine's Day, celebrate the fact that it is the weekend! The weekend is something everyone can look forward to, right?

A boost for the economy

Since ridiculous amounts of chocolate, flowers and other gifts are sold on February 14, this day is very good for the economy. Play your part and celebrate this day by buying something delicious. For yourself or for someone else, it doesn't matter!

It's a good excuse..

It's a good excuse to lay in bed watching romantic movies or to send an embarrassing message to your crush you when you're drunk on the night before Valentine's Day.

You will increase your chances

If you say you're not into Valentine's Day, chances are someone who likes you won't feel very motivated to surprise you. Instead, be open to new things and who knows what will happen!

It's now or never

If you do not participate in Valentine's Day this year and don't let your crush know you like them, chances are that someone else will take that chance and therefore it's time for you to make your crush yours this year by participating in Valentine's Day.

Because you can be proud of yourself today

Whether you're in a relationship or not, you should be proud of who you are. You should be proud of yourself every day, but maybe today is a good time to think about it. Are you single, be proud of yourself because you're a powerful human who does not need a partner to feel good. Do you have a partner? Then you can give yourself a pat on the back because you are willing to give so much love to another person. You deserve to celebrate this day!

No family allowed

Valentine's Day isn't exactly a family holiday so it's a good enough reason for you to celebrate this with your (single) friends or on your own. No extraordinary excuses needed to get out of a traditional meal with your family, as there won't be one in the first place!

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?