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11 Ways To Kill Time

Play a puzzle

There is nothing as relaxing as playing a puzzle. Don't pick a small puzzle of 50 pieces, but get those that have about a thousand pieces or more. I guarantee you that you lose track of time!

Play a video game

It's awesome to spend a day on the couch in the company of your new favorite PlayStation game. You will be drawn into the game and you'll even forget you have to eat.

Read a book

You probably never take the time to reread your favorite book, but now you have the chance. Take your book, put away your smartphone and tablet and get on the couch with a blanket, a chocolate bar and a cup of tea.

Catch up with a good friend

Haven't seen your friend in a while? Good, that means you guys have a lot to tell each other! Plan an evening out together. I am sure it'll be time well spent.

Paint or draw

Maybe it's not one of your many talents, but it's tremendously soothing. It requires full concentration and you can maybe even surprise yourself!

Take a nap

Of course this will not work if you're not tired at all, but it will if you're a little sleepy! Sleeping is like a time-machine.


Write a journal, a letter to a friend who lives far away or create a to-do list. You'll focus entirely on that topic.

Spring cleaning

Not everyone's favorite activity, but it must be done. It's a good way to get through the day and distract yourself. Put on some music and open the windows. Free your mind.

Prepare a new recipe

Go on Pinterest and look for the craziest recipes. Be creative and prepare things you normally would not. You'll get some good ideas and maybe surprise yourself with a delicious meal.

Watch your favorite series

What is better than watching your favorite series? You'll forget about what is going on around you and yes, that also means you'll forget about the time!

Make music

Grab a guitar or get behind the piano. No matter what type of instrument you play, it's very relaxing. In addition, I'm sure you'll forget about the time.

What do you do if you want to lose track of time?