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10 Things You Didn't Know About Nutella

Yes, it's true. Today is World Nutella Day!


Nutella was invented during war. An Italian confectioner added hazelnuts to his pasta. So that there was enough chocolate paste even though there was a shortage of cacao.


There's so much Nutella produced in one year that you can go around the earth 1.8 times and you can cover the Great Wall eight times with the number of sold pots.


Practice how to say 'Nutella' because there are a lot of people who mispronounce it. You're supposed to say it like New-tell-uh. It's often mistakenly pronounced because it's a combination of two languages. "Nut" is the English word for nut and "ella" is latin for sweet.

More pasta than births

Every 8 seconds a baby is born, but every 2.5 seconds, a jar of Nutella is sold.


If you get a child in France and want to name him or her 'Nutella', you're out of luck. A French court has rejected the request of two parents to name their child after the brand last year.

Lock it!

Are you afraid that others will eat your Nutella? Then you should probably get Nutella-lock. The German Daniel Schobloch designed a lock to keep the jar closed at all times. It was only a joke at first, but it was actually invented and put on the market later on.

World Nutella Day

The origin of this day is yet to be determined, but, since last year's February 5th, it's World Nutella Day every year. Everyone is free to share photos of their Nutella inspired dishes and recipes on that day.

Biggest breakfast record

In 2005, the Nutella brand celebrated it's fortieth birthday by organizing a huge breakfast for it's fans. 27.854 people attended the party and therefore, this appetizing event made it to the Guinness Book of Records.


In New York and Chicago there is a Nutellabistro. You can get anything topped with or containing Nutella there. How about Nutella-lasagna as a main course and Nutella-coffee with a piece Nutella-cake after? However, you do not necessarily have to visit the bistro as there are many delicious recipes to be found on the internet.

Calorie bomb 

If you're on a diet, should you decide not eat Nutella. Every 2 pounds of deliciousness contain more than 5,000 calories! Is it really worth it?

What you did not know about Nutella?