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10 Things That Are Nice About Winter

Except the ability to go skiing, there seems nothing positive to say about winter..
You're WRONG!

Comfy sweaters

All winter long you're allowed to wear thick, warm sweaters and nobody says something about it. Some sweaters are so comfortable they make the cold days fun. We love it!

Netflix marathons

These happen throughout the year, but nothing is better than a cup of tea, a plaid and Netflix when it's freezing outside!

Hot chocolate by the fire

After braving the cold, nothing is better than warming up by the fireplace with a large mug of hot chocolate. The ultimate winter feeling!

Messy hair, don't care!

So you woke up to a bad hair day? In winter it's accepted to walk around all day wearing a beanie. Remember: you are not alone!

A hot bath

Combined with a bath bomb, you relax, unwind and you'll get warm. More explanation isn't needed, right?

Excuses to stay indoors

There are very few people who feel like going out in the cold during winter. Why would you when you can just stay in and feel warm?

No need to shave

You wear long pants and sweaters to keep warm this winter. You know what that means? Nobody sees your arms or legs! So why would you shave?


Especially on the days that you have nowhere to go, there is nothing better than getting up and see fresh snow! Sledding, snowball fights and warming up with hot chocolate afterwards. So much fun!

December is the festive season

December represents conviviality, good food and parties. Who does not love that?

Great meals

Besides all the chocolate, it's also the time for kale and stew! By wearing an oversized sweater, nobody notices the extra pounds you've gained! You'll get back to your exercise routine later..

What do you like most about winter?