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10 Things Insecure Girls Do

"Am I good enough?" Uncertainty is often invisible, but it can have a big impact on your daily life.

They worry about things that can not be changed

"If I had done that differently, then ...". Insecure girls will recognize that sentence. They think back on previous situations (planning how to avoid them from reoccurring) way more than average people. In most cases, even when they themselves were unable to do anything to change the situation. Pour out your heart to your parents or friends, they can help you to view the situation from a differently!

Specify when things

Avoidance is an easy excuse if you're insecure. It seems easier to give up. But remember, giving up is not an option! If you really want something, you will get it, as long as you make sure keep fighting for it!

Taking yourself seriously

Take yourself seriously but don't forget to loosen up a little, don't take life too serious at all times. It's okay to laugh at yourself and what happens in your life sometimes.

They set unattainable goals

Setting goals is important but insecure girls often set the bar a little too high. Setting goals that are real and attainable may just give a huge boost to your ego!

They focus on weaknesses rather than strengths

Everyone has insecurities. Girls who are very insecure, only see their weaknesses. Doing so only makes you more insecure. We must all accept and embrace our imperfections. They make us who we are. Sit with friends and write about each other's strengths. This is a beautiful way of teambuilding, giving each other compliments and sharing some constructive criticism!

They stay in the comfort zone

Insecure girls feel at home in the comfort zone so it's not easy for them to get out of there. However, your comfort zone might be crippling you and your talents as we speak, which will get you down, eventually. Go ahead and dare to make mistakes.

They care about what others think

If you're insecure about yourself, it is very easy to think that people have a negative impression of you. So you can end up in a vicious circle. You already have enough to think about, so do not be so concerned about others. Think about you and you only.

They work (too) hard

The pressure to perform might stop you from taking a break. Perfectionism and insecurity might empower your need to work harder than you should. Just a quick break to catch your breath will make you feel better!

Planning and organizing 

To prevent awkward moments, insecure girls will plan everything out. Preparation is a good thing, but it'll leave you feeling a little blue when all your planning turns out to be a little pointless. Don't overdo it.

Enjoying yourself is easier said than done

Enjoying fun things is a little less obvious for insecure girls. They are often more concerned with themselves. "Am I all right about that? Does my hair look okay? "Do not worry, every girl is thinking about how they look too. If you feel good about yourself, you will radiate positiveness!

What tips do you have for insecure girls?