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10 Reasons Why Alcohol and Social Media are the Same

Social media is like alcohol: some people use it safely to aid their social life, others have way too much and end up saying a lot of stupid things.

Many options

Tequila, Smirnoff,  beer or wine. There are a lot of choices when it comes to alcohol. This also applies to social media: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and many more. There's plenty of choice!


It could be consumed pure, but mixed with an Instagram filter, or coke, it's just a little more fun!

Fatal Attraction

Everyone is much more attractive online! Just apply a filter there it is; a good picture of yourself. Just like when you've had a few drinks and suddenly everyone looks gorgeous.

Meeting and making friends

It's what happens when you drink socially or when you use social media. After a few select drinks, you are often more sociable and spontaneous than before, you will therefore engage in conversations with strangers more easily. Also through social media, you make friends all over the world.

Don't drink and drive

Alcohol and traffic don't go well together, as well as social media and traffic shouldn't be mixed either! So do not check your Facebook or send a tweet while driving!

Do not be the first or last

It is important that you do not immediately check your social media accounts when you get up or just before you go to bed, and the same goes for the use of alcohol as it may disrupt your sleeping schedule.

Do not be a b*tch!

Well, you probably already know this, but there are people who get quite annoying after a few drinks, but this is not only the case in real life. Online, some people make nasty comments about others as well. Remember: always be cheerful and friendly!

Keep it out of the workplace

No further description needed as it is more than obvious. Social media and alcohol should not be close to you while you're working.


There is always someone in the family or your group of friends who does not know exactly how to handle it. Because yes, everyone knows how Facebook works and how to drink Smirnoff, right?

Moderation is key 

For some it is very difficult to have just one drink, others have difficulty putting away their phones.

What do you think about the comparison of alcohol with social media?