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10 Kinds of Single Girls

The girl who is forever alone
Some people really have a hard time when it comes to relationships as they do not need a partner or they enjoy life more with their roommate.

Those who have a relationship with food
Food is the solution for everything. And let's face it: who really needs a boyfriend when there's chocolate in the house?

The animal lover
Animals are very loyal, they will never lie to us or cheat on us and they always want to cuddle with you. In addition, they do not complain about your ways and when you come home, they are very happy. The love animals give us is unconditional.

The romantic girl
We all dream of meeting our prince charming someday. A man who has the looks and the personality. Every girl deserves a guy like that.

Those who never find anyone
She never has a long lasting relationship. All guys are ''the same way'' and they never seem to last her longer than a week.

The girl who is always drunk
The consequence of excessive drinking is that you do not remember who kissed your face before you threw up. It's so unattractive and that is exactly why this kind of girl is still single.

The shy girl
Some people are simply better at dating than others. Shy girls are often insecure about themselves and that's why they wouldn't dare to chat with someone new. But, that type of behavior is totally uncalled for. You run the world, girl!

The extrovert
People who constantly laugh at their own jokes and have trouble listening to others sometimes may seem a little cocky or ''too much work'' and therefore they might be unattractive to men.

The "I do not need anyone'' person
This type of single controls everything, does not have to consult and can go their
own way. Some women simply do not need a man.

The workaholic
Workaholics are always busy. When they come home after a long day at work, they still have to cook, run errands and maintain social contacts. In some lives there's just no room for a man.

What kind of single are you?