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What does your favorite color say about you?

White is innocent and pure of all colors. Those who have white as a favorite color usually strive for the impossible and go to the limit every time. White is also simple, but in an organized and tidy way.

Black does not automatically mean that you're goth or a dark person. Black stands for class and determination. You like objectivity and mystery. You are sometimes insecure, but manage to hide it well.

Red is often linked to romance but also means strength. These people are bursting with passion.

Rose is a quieter version of the color red. These people are often protective of their loved ones and for those whom they care about. They often use their charm and have a warm heart.

Orange is the color of luxury! These people love socializing, parties and making friends. They known to have more drama in their lives. Despite the drama they have a nice personality and a cool character.

Yellow is the favorite color of adventurous personalities. The color of the sun and nature. Yellow is also linked to businessmen and women. Fun and business in one. The ideal combination.

Green is known to most of us as the color of envy. Remember though; green also stands for honesty and sincerity. You can always expect the truth, without fuss from those who love green. They are known as the people on whom you can truly rely and therefore they will always
be there for you.

Blue is a color that is not often chosen as favorite. Yet this is a very nice color. It's infinite, like the sea and air; that's what these people go for as well. They like to see solutions and crave control.

What's your favorite color?