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Tony Chocolonely Milk Coffee Crunch & Pecan Marshmallow | Review

Tony's Chocolonely Milk Coffee Crunch

I really enjoy chocolate and coffee combined, so it's not a surprise to you when I say I was excited to try this one out. Actually, it's taste disappointed me somewhat, I wished it had tasted more like coffee and I expected a little more crunchiness to it. The milk chocolate is, however, somewhat sweet!

Rating: 4 out of 10

Tony's Chocolonely Pecan Marshmallow

Simply put; this is a chocolate bar with marshmellow pieces. I This bar is a special dice But six months into the shelf lies. This is the first taste: Pecan Marshmallows. Heel simple DUS milk chocolate with small, soft marshmallows and pecan pieces. In spring this taste disappears to make way for a new Tony's Chocolonely special. Met this talk I'm Happy, sweet little door marshmallows, crispy door pecan nuts. Basically die disappears SO DO More often in the shopping cart.

Rating: 7 out of 10