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These 15 Small Gestures Will Make You A BFF

Send a text message to your friend to let them know you're thinking of them A random "I'm thinking of you" message won't hurt! Like their Tweets or Facebook updates Like their updates and photos whenever you can! It won't go unnoticed. Fill your pantry with her favorite snacks If your BFF spends a lot of time at your place, you should make sure you have their favorite snacks in your pantry, so they always feel at home. Bring back the memories Sometimes, you should remind your BFF of memories you guys share. Nostalgia guaranteed! Listen carefully to what they say Stories about bad colleagues, lousy boyfriends etc. remember their names so you can easily join the conversation when they want to pour their heart out. Pictures make the best memories Take pictures at parties, birthdays and special occasions. Also make pictures on the 'normal' times, they also are important. These are memories we will never forget. Food service When you know your friend had a tough night, make them breakfast! Become their hero. Plan a party Has she passed her exams? Party! Birthday? Party! But the smaller achievement can also be a reason to party. Tell them when you miss them You both have a very busy life? Work, relationships and maybe you guys spend a lot of time studying? These things can affect the amount of time you spend with each other. You can express that you miss your friend confidently, because it shows that you appreciate what you guys have. Share the music you love You probably share the same taste in music anyway, but when you happen to find a great new album on Spotify or hear a new song on the radio, you should absolutely let your best friend know about it! Don't just ask, do! It's often fun to plan ahead and it is also appreciated. Yet many people will say you shouldn't do something when in reality sometimes it's rather nice when someone goes out of their way to do something for you, spontaneously. Imagine if your BFF is sick. Do not ask to go and deliver medicine and chicken soup, but just do it instead, without asking. Accept and respect the other important people in her life Your BFF has a relationship? Or sister, brother or a cute girlfriend? Of course you want to encourage the healthy relationships in your friend's life. You do not have to be best friends, but it means a lot if you make the effort to be supportive of their other relationships as well. Support them when things get tough Sometimes you need to see a doctor, attend an event which is not so pleasurable or even lose a loved one. Your BFF has moments like that too. If you indicate that you will be there for your friend, this will make such moments less hard for you guys. Start a tradition Each week, plan a movie night or plan a meal at your favorite restaurant every month. Turn it into a special event. Share your greatest secrets Imagine friendship without vulnerability and trust. In good and bad times, you guys should be able to talk to each other. Doing so has major value in a friendship.