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The 8 Best Things About Being In A Serious Relationship

You do not have to worry that he will think you're strange

You feel so much at ease with your partner that you no longer have to feel ashamed when you do something strange. You can always be yourself and be as crazy as you want. Your partner loves you, no matter what!

You do not have to spend hours on your appearance anymore

No matter what you look like, he'll think you're sexy anyway.

Talking about the future together is not scary

You're just eager to build a future together, so it is fun to make plans!

If you've had enough of your own family, you can always call your in-laws

His mother is like your mom, so why not?

When you're talking about Netflix and chill, you mean it!

Netflix and chill really means watching Netflix and chilling out. There is nothing better than cuddling together on the sofa while watching The Walking Dead!

You can order food you really want to eaat

You know that you can be yourself around your partner, so if you want three cheeseburgers, you can get them without feeling embarresed. 

Uncomfortable silences no longer exist 

You can sit side by side in silence for hours without it getting a little awkward.

You know he will always be there for you

He's your best friend and you know you can always count on him. No matter what!