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Bertha’s Vlaflip (Dutch Vanilla and Strawberry treats by Katja) | Review

One of my favorite treats when I was a child used to be Katja's soft sweets, such as Katja's 'Apekoppen' and 'Biggetjes' or, in English; 'Monkey Faces' and 'Piglets'. Katja has now come up with a new and refreshing addition, which is Bertha's Vlaflip.

'Vlaflip' is a Dutch classic. It's a mixture of vanilla custard, fresh yogurt and strawberry syrup. Katja has succeeded to combine these delicious tastes in these small treats that look like cow-heads. They are fun to look at and eat. It's not surprising, but a package of these is consumed in a matter of minutes.

Calories per 100g: 328kcal
Rating: 10 out of 10

Official site (Dutch):