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Reasons why you should ask for help

Sometimes, things seem so easy to overcome on your own, but maybe, somewhere along the way, you will find that you have somewhat overestimated yourself. No one can do it all by themselves, sometimes a little help can get you a long way especially in the long run.

It's like a victory

This might sound a little crazy at first but asking for help can be a real victory. When you've been alone with your problems you might feel like there's nobody in the world who might understand you, and therefore you become more and more closed when it comes to sharing your thoughts. When you get (professional) help, however, your thoughts might quickly shift as you'll notice that people do understand. You're not alone. Also, asking for help is a sign of strength and also shows that you feel responsible and you do really want to solve things.

Different perspective

If you have help, you may start to see things from a different perspective because someone else gives you a different view. Together you can relativize things so you can look at things positively or just different. You simply cannot make some decisions on your own. Again you could discuss it with friends or family, but also with professionals. Depending on the situation, of course.


Sometimes it can be such a relief to talk about things. Just to be able to have someone around who will listen to you might put a smile right back on your face.


If you feel like it's selfish to ask for help, think again. You might feel like it'll seem like you're whining about your problems but it's simply not true. A true friend will take time to listen to you opening up, don't ever doubt that!

So hey, what are you waiting for, get help if you need it. Call that one classmate or colleague you can trust, ask your friends and family about their opinions. Don't hesitate to tell someone about how you've been feeling.