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Oh no! Scented candles appear to be carcinogenic!

Who would have thought that innocent looking scented candles, could be so toxic?

During these months it is lovely to stay indoors. It's nice to sit on the couch with a cup of tea, a good book and a scented candle burning beside you on the side table. The aroma makes you imagine you are somewhere in the mountains in a chalet. Unfortunately, these aromas seem to be bad for our health.

The university of York has investigated the effects that the chemical smell has on the human body. Their investigation showed that scented candles and air fresheners contain the substances limonene and alpha-pinene. In itself, these substances are not toxic, but when they mix with the air in your home, it's a different story.

The test showed that a toxic substance can occur when the chemicals from scented candles mix with the air indoors. The substance formaldehyde is known as a carcinogenic substance, in particular in the throat and nose. Do not be surprised but it is in more products than you'd think. For example, it may be in your shampoo, nail polish, toothpaste and perfume. It can also be in the smoke of tobacco.

Now you probably think you need to throw out all the candles, shampoos and nail polishes, but hold your horses! It's not necessary to do so, because, as long as you ventilate your home well, there is nothing to worry about. Plants may also help to clear up the air.