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Milka Tablet Oreo 300g | Review

Now that Oreo is known and loved by the Dutch, I have noticed that more and more Oreo products are coming to Dutch supermarkets. As you guys might have been able to tell from my earlier blog entries; there's nothing I love as much as I love Oreos. Except from my family, maybe.

So when I saw this Milka bar, I just had to have it. It was only 0,83 euros, which is a steal. Opening it was like opening a present because I was very curious to see if the insides looked as depicted on the packaging. I was surprised and happy to find Milka's chocolate contained a white stuffing with dark Oreo pieces.

It's taste reminded me of delicious Kinder chocolate, which is milk chocolate with cream filling. It went extremely well with the well-known Oreo wafer taste. The pieces of the wafer added a nice crunch to the milk chocolate.

I can definitely recommend this chocolate bar! 

Calories per 100g: 560kcal
Rating: 10 out of 10