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How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

Now this is an issue we've all dealt with before, right? After using your iPhone for only just a little while (in fact it only seemed like that - hell, you've been on it for three hours straight!) you've probably noticed that your battery is dead. Now I am someone who suffers a serious phone addiction when away from the laptop, so these tips were pretty helpful to me. Therefore, I've decided to share them with you guys as well.

Flight Mode

If you're an internet junkie like yours truly, you'll find that flight mode is your best friend. If you turn on Wi-Fi after turning on flight mode, you'll receive a smaller chunk of data and if you're charing your phone while it's on flight mode, it'll also charge quite a bit faster. Ain't that a win-win situation?

Turn of AirDrop (iOS)

AirDrop is a feature that shares files with other iPhone users (via Bluetooth) and there's absolutely no reason for you to keep it turned on when you're not even using it. It'll waste your battery by constantly searching for other users via Bluetooth.

Turn off vibration

Vibration drains your phone more than a ringtone would. Therefore, you might want to stop using it and just check your phone manually without relying on whether it has vibrated or not.

Push Notifications 

Every time you get a notification, it drains your battery as your screen lights up. Depending on your device's settings, it might even vibrate or ring, which will drain it even more. Therefore, limiting push notifications might be something you'd want to look into when trying to save some battery life.

Disable unnecessary Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth Radios

Your phone includes quite a few radios which will all drain your battery. If you're not using the web, turn off Wi-Fi. If you are ONLY using the internet, turn off your cellular data (or use flight mode, as mentioned above!) and turning off Bluetooth is also a great idea to save some battery life.

Battery Saver Mode 

Some devices may have this feature which will automatically implement all of the settings I've detailed above, such as turning off all radios and limiting push notifications.

Other handy tricks to save battery life

☆ Delete unnecessary apps
☆ Turn off camera flash
☆ Disable background data
☆ Manually update apps
☆ Avoid excessive heat
☆ Turn off animations (iOS)
☆ Turn off GPS
☆ Buy an external battery pack or case

Use these tips wisely, don't get too hooked on your phone! 
If you have any tips on how to make your battery last longer, please leave a comment below!