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Flirting 101 For Shy Girls

Online flirting

Virtual flirting is just slightly less nerve-wrecking than flirting face to face. Get to know your crush  through Facebook or WhatsApp before meeting up with them. That way you can also easily find things out about him. If your online conversations are nice once you can proceed and try an offline conversation.

Turn to your girlfriends for help 

Do you see your crush at school and want to be able to talk to him anyway? Make sure you inform a friend! If you bring a friend with you, they can take over the silence when it gets awkward between you two. If the conversation ends up going well, your friend can slowly exit the conversation.

Eye contact

Talking is a step too far for you? Then make eye contact instead! Nothing is as seductive as eye contact. This does not mean that you have to stare at him! The rule is that you'll stare no longer than five seconds so it doesn't get creepy.

Touching him is unnecessary 

You may have read everywhere that you must touch your crush to let him know that you like him. Luckily, this is not true at all. So do not worry about touching, just have fun chatting with him. Who knows, touching him might happen automatically!


Nothing is as attractive as a smile. So smile when you see your crush. You do not always have to talk, a smile as you walk past it often says more than a few (flirty) words.


Trying to find out his hobbies and look for things that match what you yourself like to do. This can then be used as a starting point equal to chat with him. Talk about something you like is always easier than talking about little things, right ?!


Practice chatting and flirting on your friends. It can feel quite uncomfortable at first but it's best to set up your camera too. It can help to have practiced the first conversation with your crush beforehand. That way you're less shy and your girlfriends might give you some useful tips as well!

Do not be afraid to be yourself

Your crush fall in love with you and not with the fake version of yourself. Choose flirting techniques that suit you as a person. You're cute and lovable as you are!


You say something stupid, or are you a bit clumsy? Laugh about it with him! Humor breaks the ice and creates an fun atmosphere.

Ask questions

If you really do not know what to say once you are in conversation with your crush, think of lots of questions to ask him. While he answers, you can take the time to consider what you want to say next.

How do you flirt with your crush?