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Finally, It's Much Easier To Add People On Snapchat!

We never understood why it was so difficult to add friends on snapchat, but now it's a piece of cake!

There are probably so many more options and opportunities that can be added to snapchat, but why was it created to be such a difficult app in the first place?! Of all the social media apps is this one is by far the most difficult to use. Adding friends is hell! Just think about it. Where do you find that option?

The problem about adding friends is finally resolved for good. Each snapchat user gets a personal link to his profile now. This link allows you to share your profile with whoever you want. The link consists partly from the username, so if you want to add someone, the link will be like this example: "".

If you want to see your personal link, first download the latest version of snapchat. Drag the camera down and click on 'add friends'. You will see an option called 'share username'.

This method is already used by most social media sites and finally the makers of snapchat have seen the light as well. It is much easier than finding a username or have someone sending you a code!

Are you so happy with the new snapchat update? What else do you think should be added to the app?