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Diet 101 ☆ 60 excellent dieting tips and tricks

These weight loss tips are reliable and handy ways to get to your target weight. Not all tips might work for you but read them all and then decide whether you can use them or not. These weight loss tips will help you lose weight and maintain your weight in the long run.

These weight loss tips have been tested not only by myself but also by scientists during the past decades. These weight loss tips will give you the opportunity to make your diet a success and prevent problems during the diet.

Important notice: Before you begin a weight loss program be sure to see your doctor and/or a registered dietician. Your doctor will help determine if there are any health issues you should take into consideration while changing your eating habits. A registered dietician will give you all the information, support, accountability and tools you need in order to develop a healthy eating plan that you can incorporated for life. 

Green tea trick
Use green tea during your diet. Green tea is a natural diuretic. The less water you hold, the faster you'll lose weight.

Buy frozen and fresh vegetables
Buy as many fresh or frozen vegetables as you can. Canned packaged foods often contain a large amount of sodium which will make you feel rather bloated. Read the labels of foods and beverages. Take note of the following points: one serving size, number of servings per package, number of servings allowed per day and calorific value, the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat and salt.

Adapt a new reward system
Once you've lost quite a bit of weight, you'll find that you feel like rewarding yourself. However, treating yourself with food is a no-go. If you ever feel like treating yourself, treat yourself or a non-food surprise such as a trip to the cinema (don't get any snacks or popcorn once you're there!), buy a pair of new shoes or treat yourself to a different non-edible surprise.

Leave out your favorite snacks
Let go of your favorite sweets and snacks and also inform your family about the fact that you're no longs getting those as you're on a diet. However, if you're the only person in the house doing the groceries, don't give in to buying any sweets you really like, only buy candy you dislike, if you really have to get candy at all.

Don't take kids to the grocery store
Leave your kids with someone else when heading for the stores. Kids will nag you for sugary snacks and you'll be in risk for giving in and buying something for them you'll end up snacking on yourself too.

Kill ice cream cravings
If you want something cool and tasty, use sugar-free syrup to as ice cream. Fill a container with sugar-free syrup and let it freeze.

Diet proof cold drinks
If you crave a cold drink, put a container of water or orange juice in your freeze and let it get cold. Stir it and you're ready to quench your thirst with a low-calorie drink!

Don't go to the store hungry
Research shows that going doing the groceries while hungry just isn't a brilliant idea as it'll make you impulsively buy (mostly high-calorie) snacks. Also, never go to the store without a shopping list. Never buy anything that's not on your list.

How to stop refrigerator raids
If you ever feel like you're about to raid the refrigerator, go for a walk around the block, at least leave the kitchen and get occupied with something else to get your mind off things. And if nothing can stop your binge, try to wait half an hour before you actually begin. These thirty minutes make you realize you're not really that hungry.

Always set the table
Whether you're having a meal or a snack, always set the table with the following: a tablecloth, plate, knife, fork, spoon and a napkin. The reason why you should do this is because it'll make you feel like you've actually had food rather than mindlessly nibbling on something.

Avoid bite-sized servings
Avoid bite-sized things like peanuts, potato chips, cheese cubes and other party snacks at any cost. These small persuaders will make you eat more quickly than you actually intended which will likely result in a binge.

Avoid alcohol
Alcohol is also a no-go when on a diet. Not only will this delicacy make you forget you're on a diet, it'll also turn food into fat faster and it inhibits burning fat. If you do decide to have alcohol, go for a low-calorie alternative. Try light beer or a light cocktail (with plenty of soda or ice). Drink beer from a small glass rather than from a mug.

Look at other people eating while you're in a restaurant. Assume you're a dietitian and observe them. How are they eating, hurried or calm? Are they enjoying their meal or the quantity of what's on their plate? Take into consideration how you look when you're eating and how you compare to them. Do you like your habits?

Sit in front of a mirror
Inspect your own behavior while your eating so you can see what it'd look like from another person's perspective.

Use smaller tableware and plates
Use small tableware and breakfast plates. Cut your food into smaller pieces so your plate looks full to avoid overeating.

Chinese sticks
If you're not used to eating with Chinese sticks, doing so will slow you down and it'll help you think about what you're having more.

Eat slow foods
Eat salad or soup regularly. Slow food will fool your brain. It takes roughly twenty minutes for your brain to recognize that you're no longer hungry. Salad with lettuce, raw vegetables and some vinegar can also stimulate digestion. Take your time while eating.

Snacking on fruit
If you do ever feel the need to snack, snack on fruits! (In small doses) you have to chew well and really savor every bite. Think thoroughly about what you're having. Don't rush it.

Lemon mouthwash
Every time you think of something sweet, wash your mouth with mild mouthwash with a slight sour taste or brush your teeth.

Think before you eat
Slowing down is the best way to tackle your impulses. Think before you eat, take the time to recognize it's either real hunger or a mindless and therefore useless craving.

Keep a foodlog
Write down what you ate during the day, what you felt when you ate and who was there. Check this report after one or two weeks so you can see why, when and how much you're actually eating.

Eat only in the kitchen
Automatic nibbling is your number one enemy. Don't eat mindlessly in front of the TV. Instead, only eat in the kitchen.

Make eating a pleasurable event
Enjoy every bite, take it all in. Take your time to smell and taste what you're putting in your mouth. Make it worthwhile, eat as if it were a taste test!

Preparing a meal
Put an ice cube in your mouth when you're cooking so you aren't unwittingly taking samples filled with calories of what you're preparing.  Also, drink a big glass of water so you're not feeling too hungry while preparing a meal.

Secret eating
Secret eating is something you should avoid at any cost. When eating, make sure there's someone watching you. Especially when you do 'cheat'. Don't ever resort to secret eating.

Portion size
Don't immediately eat a whole portion on your plate, but start by half. Then take even half of half that and think about whether you're still hungry or not.

Use lemon and vinegar dressings
Use sour dressing on your food and salads to suppress hunger. Do not hesitate to order a salad with lemon dressing when you're in a restaurant.

Dressing hack
You could also buy a small bottle with a screw cap to bring your own dressing.

Hidden sugar
Always check and compare labels of similar products. Some low fat yoghurts might contain extra sugar which is, simply put, a useless add-on.

Don't fool yourself
Don't buy what you can't have. Don't tell yourself you'll be able to buy something and then resist eating it. Eventually, yes, you will give in to the craving and eat it. You won't have what's not there.

Routine is key
Adapt a new routine. Learn to sleep at regular intervals, exercise (sports), eating and working. This routine will be a support to get through the day without hunger.

Salty snacks
Avoid pretzels, potato chips and other salty snacks. You'll get thirsty and you'll quickly eat too much when your brain confuses thirst for hunger.

Leave when you're finished
Leave the table when you're done with your meal. Do not tempt yourself by watching others eating.

Hide food
Put your food in boxes, especially in places that are difficult to reach such as the top shelf of a closet or in the basement. When you need to work hard to answer to a craving, you're more likely to realize you shouldn't.

Ordering at the restaurant
Plan ahead. Think through what you want to eat before the waiter comes over to your table so they won't surprise you with more food than you intended to have at first.

Canned fruit hazard
Canned fruit oftentimes comes out of syrup. Syrup is sugar dissolved in water, not really the best choice for someone who is dieting.

Light products
Words like 'light' or 'low-calorie' tell very little about the content and nutritional value of a product. Low fat can, for example, be full of empty calories.

Move as much as you can
Don't sit around doing nothing, always remain active. Don't allow yourself to become a couch potato. Don't drive all the way up to the doors of the store - walk there, for a change. Ride your bike or walk to the post office instead of driving your car.

Sportswear is necessary
Buy wear and use sportswear. It's comfortable and a nice outfit will help you stay motivated to be active.

Be realistic
Don't set unrealistic goals for yourself and don't get demotivated when you haven't managed to reach your goal. You'll always be able to continue your diet and work harder to get lean!

Sugar free gum
When you want to nibble on something, take celery or sugar free gum to keep yourself busy and restrict on your calorie-intake in the meantime.

Find people who also want to lose weight
Build a support group by finding people who share your fate and willingness to become slimmer. Talk to them every day, encourage each other and keep track of each other's progress for a little competition.

Think thin
Don't just think positive, also think thin! Buy a dress that's a few sizes smaller than your size now so you can set a worthwhile goal for yourself so you have the ultimate goal in sight and can easily see the end approaching.

Determination and assertiveness
Be determined and assertive. Assertiveness does not equal aggressiveness but be straight to the point when saying what you want without offending.

Leave something behind
Always leave something on your plate so that you don't get tricked into feeling like you 'deserve' or 'have room' for a snack such as ice cream or any other high-calorie dessert.

Stay away from laxatives
Don't give in to the desire of using weight by abusing laxatives. These are bad for your bowels and might even ruin your diet completely. Take enough fiber to keep your bowels working properly, however. Even  something as simple as walking will help relief intestinal problems.

Don't expect miracles
Don't expect miracles of yourself or your diet. It requires hard work and patience to become slimmer. Your mindset and habits will need to change for you to be successful, which will take some time. Don't get discouraged or impatient. Great things take time!

Stay away from saboteurs
We all know people who will you out of their way to get you to take another 'final boy's or have an extra plate of snacks. Remember grandma at the last family gathering? It won't hurt to be a little paranoid when it comes to people who will bring harm your diet.

Don't eat or drink while driving
Do not eat or drink while you're driving in the car or any other vehicle of any kind. An apple is alowed though.

Don't eat or drink while watching TV or listening to music
Don't allow yourself to watch TV or listen to music and eat at the same time, as you shouldn't be distracted while eating food. Stay focused on what's on your plate. Don't give in to distraction.

Don't sleep or snooze after eating
Do not remain seated for long after your meal so you won't have the chance to doze off after eating. Take a walk around the block instead of crawling into the lounger or watching TV sprawled. Keep a log of all your activities, even if it's just going around the block.

I hope these tips will prove to be helpful on your way to becoming more lean and healthier. You can do it!