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Banana Milk Creme Oreo (Chinese Name: 卡夫奥利奥夹心香蕉牛奶味) (China) | Review

This Oreo flavor very much reminded me of the most artificial banana flavored candy you can possibly find on the market. It's very artificial scent was rather overpowering yet enjoyable, if you enjoy scents like that. It's not for everyone.

The taste was just as artificial when it came to the cream filling of this Oreo. After a while, the taste became rather overpowering and I had to stop eating them. It was simply too sweet for me to handle. The taste lingered in my mouth long after finishing a biscuit which, in this case, wasn't a pleasurable experience.

Long story short; this Oreo is way too sweet, even for someone like me. I often enjoy very sweet candy, which is what this Oreo came close to. It's not what you'd expect of a cookie.

Rating:  4 out of 10