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9 Ways To Permanently Get Out Of A Bad Mood

Everyone has a bad mood every now and then. It is often very difficult to get out of feeling bad immediately. Not only can ruin your day, but your bad mood can also make people around you feel miserable.

Sometimes the reason of your crankiness is very clear, while other times you just wake up feeling cranky without good reason. No matter why you're feeling like that, it's time to cheer yourself up!

Get in the car and put your favorite music on

It is impossible to be grumpy when you drive through the city with your favorite songs on the highest volume. It does not matter if you sing out of tune or the lyrics do not know, sing along and let out all the frustration! So get in the car, turn on the stereo at full volume and let's sing!

Spend time with your pet

If you're not feeling so good, your pet is your best friend. It has been proven that pets make you feel better. They give you a sense of belonging, alleviating loneliness and stress. It's actually quite logical; while you have the feeling that nobody wants to listen to you, your dog is always happy to see you and he will always be with you.

Go outside

If you are indoors all day staring at your computer screen, it might make you feel a little bad. Fresh air might lift your bad mood. A short walk around the block can do wonders!

Stop what you are doing and take a nap

If you are here for the time this is definitely a must! According to a study from The New York Times a nap resets the brain. This may cause you to wake up happier.

Pull on something nice

If you're cranky, it's tempting to spend all day in sweatpants and baggy dirty shirts. This seems very comfy but it will only make you feel worse. It's time do the opposite and dress up. It will make you feel better and it affects your mood immediately!

Make yourself laugh

Go do something that makes you laugh. Whether it is to look back at old crazy pictures of yourself or watch funny movies, it will make you laugh. When you smile, that bad mood will be gone before you know it!

Try new makeup

Grab your makeup bag and find the brightest colors you own. Go ahead and try a new look. This gets you out of your bad mood and the bright colors will make you feel happier!

Listen to songs you used to love

Go your music library and pull out your old iPod. Listen to the songs you loved back in the day. It works just like a time machine. The music takes you back in time and memories of years ago will be revived. Hopefully the music will make you think of all the beautiful memories that make you feel happy again.

Find your favorite comfort food

If you're cranky, it is not the time to go eat a salad, unless you find this delicious and it's making you feel happy! If you are fond of ice cream, immediately go to the supermarket and buy some. Do you want a milkshake? Go to the snack bar and get one there! Your favorite food can give you a better mood.

What do you do to get out of your bad mood?