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9 Ways To Celebrate Being You

We give constant praise and motivation to others, but what about ourselves? Time to put yourself in the spotlight for once!

In this day and age, we are constantly busy. We multitask all day and rarely stop to reflect and to look around to see what's really important in life! We want to reach as many goals while being a good friend and partner. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you also have to think about yourself for a moment. Every day is indeed a reason to celebrate your own existence! How do you do that?

Relax, relax, relax

Sometimes we tend to plan everything but rest. This week, you should make a change. Plan a night during which you do absolutely nothing. Take a nap, watch a good movie or meet up with friends; doing what you want to do. During this evening, you'll feel less stressed.

Treat yourself to a beauty treatment

A mask or manicure is not just a boost to your appearance, but also to your self-confidence. Start your week with beautiful lacquered nails, soft skin and well-groomed hair.

Buy some Ben & Jerry's

Sometimes it's allowed to have a little treat. There are those nights when you have to get on the couch with some ice cream and a good book. The amount of fun you have while eating your fave comfort food is worth every calorie!

Answer with thanks to a compliment

What do you usually do when someone gives you a compliment? Some people tend to apologize too often. Now that is UNCALLED for! When you receive a compliment from someone, the appropriate response is "thank you." because they are quite right!

Wear your best outfit 

On Tuesday morning, grab your favorite outfit and wear it, for no reason. You'll feel extra confident on a normal day! Life is too short to save it for a special day.

Do what makes you happy

If you want to partake in a few gym classes, make an appointment to dine out with a good friend, or whatever makes you happy, make some time each week to stick to the plan and just do it.

Buy flowers for yourself

Flowers are a little on the expensive side and are often already dead within a week, but fresh flowers at home are always a pleasure to watch. Sometimes you may as well buy them for yourself, as a treat. You deserve it!

Go there only for a day out

A long walk through the countryside or a coffee in the city are fine activities to do alone. If you're going out on your own, you are more focused on your environment and therefore you'll discover new things!

Create a set of selfies

Finally, you're beautiful and you should capture your beauty as much as possible. Go for it!