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9 Tips to survive a family holiday

The ideal holiday of a student often looks like this: a group of friends, a lot of parties, sun and beach. You parents, however, have a different view on it. Instead of whining about the WiFi password during a family vacation you should try to make it as fun as possible. It's possible to do so by following these tips!

Don't have unrealistic expectations

Plan nothing right after your flight if you are suffering from jet lag. The things that you intend to do are much more fun when you have the energy for it.

Take the time out for some me-time

When going on a holiday for a long time in the company of other people, the chances of having some time for yourself decreases. But you should always take the time to relax. For example, read a book or listen to music!

Make sure you eat and drink enough

When you eat or drimk too little you can get dehydrated and have less energy. You won't feel too good and this can cause irritation. When you partake in activities where you have to walk much you better eat and drink enough to make the most of it!

Add to the fun atmosphere

Tell jokes, put on some music and play games with each other. This creates a cozy atmosphere and makes you closer as a family.

Be grateful

Try to not let day get spoiled by little things that go wrong. Be grateful for the good times you have with your family and the things that do go well.


When your family irritates you, find a way to relax by taking a hike on your own or participating in yoga. It helps to take your mind off and relax and avoid conflict with your family members.

Prepare for your journey

Take the stuff with you that will be as comfortable as possible. When you are about to make a long car trip, it is wise to take along some extra snacks and paracetamol to lessen headaches.

Try to do things during the holidays that everyone likes

Make sure when deciding on the activities that everyone will enjoy them. By doing so, it is fun for everyone and no one will feel left out.

Take a break from electronic devices

A family vacation is no fun if you're on your phone the entire time. You get the chance to spend time with the people you care about so grab this chance!

Do you know any tips for a fun family vacation?