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9 Tips To Save Up So You Can Go On Your Dream Trip This Year

A city trip to Stockholm, backpacking through Australia or a trip to New York? We all have places we want to visit. To make sure that you're going to make your dream trip this year, you could use these ten savings tips so you can make your dreams come true as early as this year!

Stick to a budget and plan ahead

Where do you want to go? For how long? Where are you going to stay? Plan your journey carefully and calculate how much you're going to spend approximately to make sure you have enough money. If you do use all of the money, you can always use it for another trip or put it in your savings account. It's also handy to have a little extra money for unexpected expenses or emergencies.

Stop shopping

These trendy pumps or that trendy colored nail polish; it's very tempting, but you'd rather buy it after your trip. Buy only the items you really need so you can save more and spend more when you are traveling. Plus, shopping abroad is not only fun, but also ideal for unique finds!

Make a shopping list

Make sure you make a shopping list and only buy the food that is included on the list. Do not go shopping before you had a meal, you'll likely buy more items than you intended to if you do. Select cheaper brands, all those little savings will eventually make a huge difference.

Cook all meals yourself

The easiest way to save money by cooking all your meals yourself. Take a packed lunch to work or school and limit eating out to once every two weeks. Plan simple, inexpensive meals. Think of chicken dishes with curry sauce, a delicious tagliatelle or a quiche.

Sell your old stuff 
Flea markets are the ideal way to get rid of your unused stuff and save extra money. Book a stall at the next flea market with a friend, have a great day! You can sell your clothes, jewelery and books but you could also bake cupcakes and sell those.

Use your piggy bank for pennies

You would think that all those pennies make absolutely no difference, but that is not true. Put some pennies in your piggy bank every day when you come home and before you know it you'll have a few hundreds of dollars in extra savings. So it is definitely worth it!

Occasionally say no to invitations 

Ideally, you would say yes to everything, but if you do, that trip will never happen. Skip the invitations to fancy restaurants and events and say yes to cheaper activities.

Travel during off season

Plan your trip in the off season if your schedule allows it. So you can save on airfare and accommodation.

Choose Airbnb instead of hotels

Airbnb rooms or apartments are cheaper than hotels.

How will you save on your next trip?